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queens (2).jpg  11.2.2018

Recognized as a Woman in Wardrobe by the Reine Institute for my work with Kelly Clarkson. 


A costume exhibit celebrating Nashville’s women in wardrobe who work behind the scenes with our women in entertainment. Queens shines a light on over 50 women, legends spanning genres and generations, who are supporting each other across both sides of the camera.


Opening night November 8 at 9pm at the Hutton Hotel and the exhibit will be live , November 9-15 10am-6pm.
Tickets   12.15.2017

Recognized by Kelly Clarkson's stylist, Candice Lambert, for creating one of her Top 3 Red Carpet Looks for 2017.

“It was the perfect amount of glam for this event, and when she performed it gleamed just right,” says Lambert. “This cut and style of dress is one of our favorites to wear.  My number one goal is for her to feel beautiful, sexy and empowered through her clothes, because she is all of those things and empowers so many others through her music. She deserves to feel like the goddess that she is.” 

These photographs are not my own, but showcase the work I've been a part of. All credit for these images go to their respective photographers. 

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